Greetings, today we’ve added another batch of videos, just for you. Simply visit and look for what you like. 953299 We hope you’ll like it, have a good time on Simply Hentai.


Extended Search

Hello Folks,

we’ve deployed a new update, we’ve added an extended search to our default search.
Now you’re able to make deeper queries to find exactly what you’re searching for.

Here is a simple link for Pokemon with extended search enabled.

We hope you like it, have fun searching what you’re looking for!

New Stuff


it’s been a bit, we’ve been busy with our new layout and implementing some features, perhaps you noticed some of them.

For example we post now our pins and manga publishes on tumblr. You can visit our tumblr blog here. We would be happy if you follow us!
We also publish more videos again. Just follow this link to see them.

If you have any questions or better, some nice feedback for us, please contact us! Or write a comment here.

And here is some new Stuff!

One Piece – Metabolism OP Kyonyuu Kyoshiri Shoufu Nikorobin no Keshi Tai Kako

One Piece

Street Fighter – 200% Zero

Street Fighter - 200%

Hellsing – Chaos Step

Hellsing - Chaos Step

Images are back as Pins!

Yes as the title says, Images are back now, but now they are called pins.
In the next week the upload feature will be re enabled so you can upload images. In two or three weeks we will publish a Plugin for your browsers so you can pin images from a random website to

You can take a look at them here

We hope you like it, give us some feedback what you think!

Here is an example of some images!


New Layout, new Stuff!


it’s been a bit since our last post.
Some days ago we’ve updated our whole website, new layout, some new features, new stuff and other nice things.

We hope you like the new layout, it should be more fluent and also fit every screen size. Give it a try, visit us with a mobile phone or a tablet and see the magic. 

If you finde some bugs or other things you don’t like, write a comment or use the contact side to contact us.

Here are some screenshots of the different Variants:


Screenshot 2013-11-30 19.06.53


Screenshot 2013-11-30 19.07.41

Mobile with navigation open

Screenshot 2013-11-30 19.08.03

New Uploads, To Love Ru, Dynasty Warriors, Sailor Moon and Touhou

New Uploads from today and yesterday! Hope you like it.
Did you know, you can track our uploads in our Activity Feed?
And we’ve published a new type of Series List – Most viewed / Popular Series give it a visit.

SELFISH Ch 1 – Ch 3To Love Ru

Rikuson-chan and the brush – Dynasty Warriors

AMIxUSASailor Moon

inaba box – Ch1 – Ch 5 – Touhou

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